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Whimsical Fall Wedding in Chimney Rock Village

If you have ever wondered what love looks like, look no further than Brittany’s eyes when she gazes at her bride, Anna. They may not have originally wanted a wedding, but I for one, am so happy they decided to celebrate their marriage vows. Brittany & Anna chose the quaint Broad River Inn in Chimney Rock Village, surrounded by the granite cliffs and awe-inspiring panorama of Hickory Nut Gorge. From the way that their wedding guests smiled, laughed, and shed many happy tears, I can attest that they were filled with joy to witness Brittany and Anna vowing themselves to each other forever.

Though it was a gray and windy day, Brittany and Anna could not stop smiling, giggling, and making jokes, as they got ready for their ceremony. I believe the most memorable part of the day was being able to witness Brittany & Anna exchange their personally-written vows alone before walking through the Broad River Inn’s mini golf course to their custom altar. The ceremony sat directly below the sweeping vistas of Chimney Rock Mountain and overlooked the scenic Rocky Broad River, the prime source for the renowned waters of picturesque Lake Lure. Brittany and Anna even performed a traditional orchid planting ceremony to symbolize their two lives becoming one. Anna brought soil from her father’s farm, and Brittany brought soil from her home as well.

After their heartfelt ceremony, friends and family gathered in the Broad River Inn’s cozy banquet room for a delicious meal and fun drinks prepared by Broad River Inn staff. Music and laughter filled the whole venue as Brittany and Anna mingled with their guests. The cake-cutting took a quick turn towards a frosted-mess as the brides got so caught up in trying to smoosh the cake in each other’s face that they forgot to actually feed one another; which only made it even funnier!

As I said my goodbyes for the evening, the party continued with corn hole games and mini golf competitions. I’m sure these games went late into the night as Brittany and Anna’s guests had rented out all the rooms in the Broad River Inn. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful wedding day as I watched their guests laugh and celebrate together. For two brides who did not think they wanted a wedding, they sure know how to bring people together and throw a great party in the name of love!

Many thanks to all those who made Brittany & Anna’s Wedding Day a beautiful celebration of love!


Wedding Coordinator: Ali Hillabush, Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

Venue: Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

Catering: Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

Bartender: Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

Florals: Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

Ceremony Décor: Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

Cookies: Broad River Inn, Chimney Rock Village, NC

. . . . I think we’re starting to see a pattern here ;-)

Cake: Friend of Brittany & Anna